At iterign, we focus on taking a concept design and transforming it into a tangible, and manufacturable product. Through our engineering development, we utilise our collective experience of scientific principles and knowledge of materials and our iterative prototyping facilities to enhance your product’s functionality. This includes maximising its safety, testing its ergonomics, and optimising its geometry through computer aided design.

During this stage we also explore the electronic requirements of your design where applicable.

Once you’re happy that the project fits our agreed specification, we will create detailed technical drawings which show the dimensions, geometry, and surface finish of each part. These will then be taken to the next stage: manufacturing.


What happens next?

Our team will have a look at the information you provide us and produce a detailed quote for you.

We may then invite you in for a free initial meeting at our offices near Reading in Berkshire at the start of your iterign live project, where we can explore your project requirements, and help you to define the project brief.

We will always send you an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) before entering into any detailed discussions, to ensure your intellectual property is correctly protected.

When you're happy with everything, we'll get straight to work on your project providing regular updates so you can check in on its progress.