At the heart of our process is the iterign live projects online software tool. This encourages collaboration between client and staff member, without the need to arrange a meeting, which prevents delays in the progression of a project. This platform is utilised throughout all stages of the project, and is kept secure, allowing only those who have permission to communicate and access sensitive information. Although not all the following stages may apply specifically to your project, the typical product design process will involve the following phases:

Phase 1: Preliminary Research and Design Visualisation

Preliminary Research

The initial research stage of the project ensures that all the necessary information required to start the project is collated into a concise document. This research aids us in preparing the product design specification (PDS). A PDS details the requirements that must be met for the product to be considered a success. Information on existing products and the technology that may need to be utilised in the design will be investigated in this stage.

Initial Concept Generation

From the preliminary research, we will generate concepts to satisfy the PDS. Our initial concept generation may either be in the form of a sketch, or as a computer aided design (CAD) model. These concepts will be uploaded to our collaborative platform for you to see in order to focus the design towards a chosen concept, through discussion.

Phase 2: Developed Concept Ideation and Initial Prototype

Focused Development of Product Form for Initial Prototype

Once a concept has been chosen, it will be developed by our designers. This developed concept may be a combination of several initial designs; it depends on what you prefer as well as what we recommend. This chosen concept will then be produced as a detailed CAD model, allowing for the data produced to be utilised to produce a basic aesthetic prototype.

Electronics Research

If the product requires electronics, the components required will be sourced while keeping ease of manufacture in mind. Research into the Printed Circuit Board would be conducted at this stage with basic development kits produced to test the concept. iterign has expertise with Bluetooth, 'internet of things', and WI-FI connected devices, particularly those requiring low power.

Phase 3: Working Demonstration Prototype

Design and Research Refinement

Once approval for the design has been passed, the designers will work towards finalising the design for manufacture and assembly. This will involve a strict analysis of the design ensuring its suitability for manufacture.

PCB Design and Software Development

At this stage, schematic design for the circuit board is produced, based off the earlier development boards. This is then prototyped and tested thoroughly. This culminates in a manufacturing ready design alongside a full bill of materials. iterign can also offer in-house software development for microprocessor firmware and facilitate external support for more complex projects, including app development.


As your project progresses, the brand identity becomes more important. After proposing various concepts, we will produce a branding document which will detail your brands colour scheme, logo design, and font family. This acts as a guide to provide you with a clear visual identity against any competitors.

Preliminary Packaging Design

At this stage, we can begin producing the initial designs for the packaging for your project. Like Phase 1, we will provide a number of concepts for you to investigate which we will develop as and when needed.

Functional Prototype

A functional prototype will be produced to show how your product will work. This prototype is unlikely to look exactly like the finished product, as we aim to perfect it as we carry out tests.

Phase 4: Preparation for Manufacture

Engineering Development

Once approval for the design has been passed, the designers will work towards finalising the design for manufacture and assembly. This will involve a strict analysis of the design, ensuring its suitability for its intended manufacturing process.

Final Prototype

The final prototype will look and work almost identically to the finished product. From this, any final adjustments can be implemented into the design.

Final Packaging Design

Once you are happy with the dimensions and aesthetics of the final prototype, we can finalise the design of the packaging and get it ready for production.

Manufacturing Data

To mark the end of the project, we will finalise the design by producing technical drawings that will help control the tolerances and interaction of all the parts in the product. These drawings will also detail any required surface finishes, as well as any other design information which cannot be embedded in the 3D CAD file.

Phase 5: Manufacturing Support

Preparation for production

Upon completion of the project, our team can help arrange quotations from our suppliers and help to produce your product. We provide varying levels of assistance dependent on your requirements. Our typical assistance involves our team communicating with the manufacturers during the tool-making and initial sampling stages of the manufacture of the product, to ensure the product is in keeping with the controlling documents under our quality control process.


What happens next?

Our team will have a look at the information you provide us and produce a detailed quote for you.

We may then invite you in for a free initial meeting at our offices near Reading in Berkshire at the start of your iterign live project, where we can explore your project requirements, and help you to define the project brief.

We will always send you an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) before entering into any detailed discussions, to ensure your intellectual property is correctly protected.

When you're happy with everything, we'll get straight to work on your project providing regular updates so you can check in on its progress.