leverage our strong links with suppliers and manufacturers, both domestic and international.

With our experience in getting products ready for manufacturing, we can advise the best manufacturing process for your product and design it from the outset to be suited to the chosen process. This includes preparing all the relevant manufacturing data to the correct standard via 3D models and technical drawings so that your production run goes smoothly.

We have a particularly strong network of suppliers in the United Kingdom, Europe, and China for injection mould tool production and high-volume manufacture for plastic, metal, and electronic products.

In addition to this, we provide in house testing*, packaging, and logistics support to aid in getting your product ready for market.

* Please note that your product will need to be tested by a Third-Party test house in line with relevant test procedures to gain certification of conformity to any relevant standards that it may need to meet.


What happens next?

Our team will have a look at the information you provide us and produce a detailed quote for you.

We may then invite you in for a free initial meeting at our offices near Reading in Berkshire at the start of your iterign live project, where we can explore your project requirements, and help you to define the project brief.

We will always send you an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) before entering into any detailed discussions, to ensure your intellectual property is correctly protected.

When you're happy with everything, we'll get straight to work on your project providing regular updates so you can check in on its progress.