Finite Element Analysis

Understanding how a product will react to anything life can throw at it early in development creates resilient products.

Finite Element Analysis, or FEA, is a series of computer simulations that test the strength of a product or part. At iterign, we understand the damage that a faulty or physically weak product could do to you and your company. As we prepare your design for manufacture, we run FEA simulations that highlight where potential issues may arise allowing us to mitigate them well in advance.

Nearly all physical designs need to be checked for structural integrity, but we also inspect other elements such as heat distribution and whether a part is suitable for a certain manufacturing process.


What happens next?

Our team will have a look at the information you provide us and produce a detailed quote for you.

We may then invite you in for a free initial meeting at our offices near Reading in Berkshire at the start of your iterign live project, where we can explore your project requirements, and help you to define the project brief.

We will always send you an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) before entering into any detailed discussions, to ensure your intellectual property is correctly protected.

When you're happy with everything, we'll get straight to work on your project providing regular updates so you can check in on its progress.